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Computer Integrated Manufacturing Research Laboratory

Name in English: CIM-Research Laboratory (CIM=Computer Integrated Manufacturing)
Name in Hungarian: CIM-Kutatólaboratórium (CIM=Computer Integrated Manufacturing - Számítógéppel Integrált Gyártás)
Head: Dr. George Kovács
H-1111 Budapest XI.
Kende u. 13-17. 4th floor
Phone: (+36 1) 279-6140
Fax: (+36 1) 466-7503

Activities Industrial automation, interactive multimedia, verification of enterprise control softwares
National Projects Digital Factory (Széchenyi NKFP project, finished)
DIMORF: DIgital MOtion Picture Restoration System For Archives (Széchenyi NKFP project, finished)
GLOCON (Global Conference System, Széchenyi NKFP projekt, Digiton Kft.)
VR in Manufacturing (SZTAKI CIMLab, running)
PAKS HIR2 (Paks, finished)
PAKS-2 (Paks, running)
SESQA (SZTAKI CIMLab, suspended)
European Projects AMETMAS-NoE (finished)
Beatrice-SME (finished)
BIDMED (finished)
CITRO (finished)
EPSYLON (finished)
EURON (finished)
EURORIM (finished)
EWISME (running)
FLUENT (finished)
ICIMS-NoE (finished)
ISLAND (finished)
OSACA (finished)
PLENT (finished)
PROARC (finished)
REDEST (finished)
RURAL WINS (finished)
SIM-SERV (running)
TARSAL (finished)
WHALES (finished)
XPERTS (finished)
EU FW 6 Projects FOKSai (running)
EURON-2 (running)
COSPA (running)
CO-DESNET (running)
P2P (running)
eBEP (running)
Other International Projects AKITA, Japan (running)
W-PRODUCT, Rochester, USA (running)

Research Staff
Research Report

The sections of the yearly Research Report of the Research Division about this laboratory.


Education Syllabus for course "Gyártórendszerek tervezése" (in Hungarian).
Questions for the course "Gyártórendszerek tervezése" (in Hungarian).
Grades for the course "Gyártórendszerek tervezése" (in Hungarian).
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