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We congratulate Ottó Hutter
This is to congratulate our colleague, Ottó Hutter, Head of e-Learning Department, upon his being awarded Dennis Gábor Medal (donated by Dennis Gábor College) with the appreciation as follows:

Dr Ottó Hutter is a well-known representative of e-Learning in Hungary. His organizational activity exerted in the field is unique. It is under his leadership that the committee with the aim of endevouring the standardization of e-learning was established. Similarly, the professional lecture-series introducing the developments in e-learning - in which Dennis Gábor College played an important part - is to be attributed to him.

A recent result of Dr Hutter is the fresh publication of the first trade-book of the e-learning branch in Hungary, with the title „e-Learning 2005”. Publisher: Műszaki Könyvkiadó.

We wish Ottó further success in his work!

Gusztav Hencsey is an Advisor of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC)
Congratulations to Gusztav Hencsey, who was appointed to be "A Lifetime IFAC Advisor" by the President of IFAC at the Opening Ceremony of the 16th IFAC World Congress held in Prague on 3 July, 2005. The list of IFAC Advisors: Pedro Albertos (ES), Brian D.O. Anderson (AU), Jiri Benes (CZ), Janos Gertler (US), Gusztáv Hencsey (HU), Rolf Isermann (DE), Stephen J. Kahne (US), Lennart Ljung (SE), Mohamed Mansour (CH), Michael Masten (US), Yoshikazu Sawaragi (JP), Walter Schaufelberger (CH), Manfred Thoma (DE), Tibor Vamos (HU).
We congratulate László Keviczky,
academician, on his being admitted to the Polish Academy of Sciences, as Honorary Member.
The General Assembly meeting of the Polish Academy was held in May, 2005.
On the occasion of the National Day, Széchenyi Prize was awarded to János Demetrovics, as a recognition of his future-shaping results, significant also internationally, in database theory. (He was honoured with the Prize together with Gyula Katona, director, Rényi Alfréd Institute of Mathematics, HAS.) The Prize was donated by the President of the Republic of Hungary, Ferenc Mádl, in the Parliament building. Congratulating also István Nagy, Domokos Szász and Iván Bach, further obtainers of the Prize.
We congratulate Péter Bakonyi,
deputy-director, SZTAKI, on his being awarded the Order named "Magyar Köztársasági Érdemrend Tisztikereszt polgári tagozat". The medal was presented by the Minister of the Ministry of Informatics and Communications, on behalf of the President of the Republic of Hungary. Wishing Péter Bakonyi further success!
Congratulations to András Siegler
Based on the decision taken by the European Commission on January 19, 2005, András Siegler, vice president of the National Office for Research and Technology, former deputy director of SZTAKI, has been appointed to the position of the director responsible for the international scientific and technological co-operation at DG Research. András Siegler worked at SZTAKI between 1975 and 1996. At the European Commission, he will be in charge of formulating and managing the scientific and technological co-operation policy of the EU with third countries (countries which are not members of the Union) and with international organizations.
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