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Dr. István Mezgár

  • Address: H-1111 MTA SZTAKI Budapest XI. Kende u. 13-17. Room 424.
  • Phone: (36-1) 209-6143, 209-5400/140,207
  • Fax: (36-1) 466-7503
  • E-mail:
István Mezgár [Diploma in m.e.: 1977, special Diploma in automation engineering: 1988, dr.Univ in m.e.: 1990, all from the Technical University of Budapest (TU), C.Sc. in m.e.: 1995, from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences] is a senior researcher at the CIM Research Laboratory at the Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Visiting researcher/professor at the University of Trento, at the University of Genoa (Italy, in 1989-90), at the University of Waikato (New Zealand, in 1995), and at the CAD/CAM Research Laboratory, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (South-Korea, in 1995-96). IPC member of several international IFAC, IFIP conferences. More than 80 scientific publications. His current interests focus on manufacturing automation, integration of product and enterprise models, agile manufacturing systems, design methodologies (e.g. concurrent engineering) and complex quality control.
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