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Main Divisions

Development Division
Department of Distributed Systems
Infocommunication Center
System Integration Department
Department of Research and Development
Laser Laboratory
Network Security Department
Informatics Department
eLearning Department
Quality Management Department
System Development Department
Center for Internet Technologies and Applications
Internet Technologies Department
Internet Applications Department
Minicomputer Service Department
Department of Operations Research and Decision Systems
Power Electronics Department
Research Division
Analogical and Neural Computing Systems Laboratory
Theoretical Computer Science Research Group
Applied Mathematics Laboratory
Discrete Structures Research Group
Stochastic Systems Research Group
Engineering and Management Intelligence Laboratory
AI Research Group
Intelligent Manufacturing Research Group
Research Group on Application of AI Methods in Mechanical Engineering
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory
Geometric Modelling Laboratory
Image and Pattern Analysis Research Group
Informatics Laboratory
Laboratory of Operations Research and Decision Systems
Parallel and Distributed Systems Laboratory
Systems and Control Laboratory
Combinatorial Computer Science Group
Mathematical Physics Research Group
Cognitive Vision Laboratory
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