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Research Division

Name in English: Research Division
Name in Hungarian: Autonom Kutató Egység
Head: László Monostori
Secretary: MTA SZTAKI, AKE,
H-1111 Budapest XI.
Kende u. 13-17.
Phone: (+361) 209-6990
Fax: (+361) 466-7503

Laboratories of the Division:
About The Autonomous Research Division (AKE) of the Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (SZTAKI) was founded in 1991 with the main focus on basic research related to the C3I (Computing, Control, Communication, and Intelligence) quadruple of the Institute's profile. Though being fundamentally concerned with basic research, AKE significantly contributes also to the development and consulting activities of the Institute, furthermore, conducts extensive education.

In 1997 a consolidation programme was initiated by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences with the aim of concentrating research activities in closely related fields and of actualising the support of the different scientific areas in correspondence to their present significance in the country and the international co-operation. In this process SZTAKI and the Research Institute for Measurement and Computer Techniques (MSZKI) have been merged. Two new laboratories, i.e. the Communication Protocol Laboratory and the Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems were formed by the researchers having joined the SZTAKI.


Educational activities of the Research Division proceed in a co-ordinated manner, mostly in the framework of co-operation agreements signed with the following universities in Hungary:

  • Budapest University of Economic Sciences
  • Loránd Eötvös University of Sciences, Budapest
  • Technical University of Budapest
  • University of Veszprém.
Some relative new forms of our co-operations with universities are external university departments established at the Institute, i.e. the Department of Economic Decisions (Budapest University of Economic Sciences) headed by Prof. Tamás Rapcsák, and the Department of Information Sciences (Loránd Eötvös University of Sciences) headed by Prof. János Demetrovics, Academician. In 1996 a common laboratory, the Dynamics and Control Systems Centre was founded with the Transportation Faculty, Technical University of Budapest.

A number of Ph.D. Programmes at various Hungarian universities were accredited with the contributions of AKE members. The interdisciplinary Neuromorphic Information Technology Doctoral Programme and the accompanying Postgraduate Centre, both headed by Prof. Tamás Roska, Academician, was established by the Institute with the contributions of four Hungarian universities and distinguished foreign professors from Berkeley, Leuven, and Munich.

Supports The Research Division is financially supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, but more than the half of its budget is acquired through various research grants of OTKA (National Scientific Research Fund), OMFB (National Committee for Technological Development). The importance and weight of international grants (COPERNICUS, ESPRIT, EUREKA, PHARE-TDQM, TEMPUS, COST, NSF, ONR (Office of Naval Research), US-Hungarian Research Grant, NATO Civil Research Programme, etc.) grow rapidly. The Institute's membership in leading research consortiums, e.g. in the European Research Consortium of Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) and the WWW Consortium co-ordinated by the MIT and INRIA are expected to open further ways in international project co-operation.
Research Report The annual reports about the research result of the division.
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