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Systems and Control Laboratory

Name in English: Systems and Control Laboratory
Name in Hungarian: Rendszer- és Irányításelméleti Kutató Laboratórium
Head: József Bokor
H-1111 Budapest XI.
Kende u. 13-17.
Phone: (+361) 209-6990, (+361) 466-7483
Fax: (+361) 466-7503

Research Groups

Combinatorial Computer Science Research Group (Head: Zsolt Tuza)
Mathematical Physics Research Group (Head: Róbert Kernsner)

Research Projects The laboratory has research projects in the following areas:
  • System identification
  • Simultaneous identification and control
  • Robust control
  • Uncertainty and performance in continuous-time stochastic adaptive control
  • Recursive estimation
  • Information-theoretical methods in identification
  • Randomization methods for direct adaptive control
  • Estimation of Hidden-Markov processes
  • Financial mathematics
  • Fault tolerant and reconfigurable control
  • Integrated Vehicle Control System
  • Advanced signal processing methods
  • Linear and bilinear systems
  • Model-based diagnosis and control of process systems
  • Discrete methods in process control

Research Report The sections of the yearly Research Report of the Research Division about this laboratory.
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