New SZTAKIWeb Design - an Introduction

These pictures of Budapest were taken by Éva Köves and Imre Weber artists. A new picture is broadcasted every day.

The World Wide Web server at the Computer and Automation Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences is presented in a new form. The exterior was born in the spirit of realism. It concentrates on the content and rejects the application of manipulative graphical solutions without function, having advertising purposes only, and for ever breaks away from the false illusion of logo as trade mark.

We, the fathers of the SZTAKIWeb, are convinced that quality, practicability of human compositions, products, services, projects, etc should be decided on the base of their real technical and social values and not based on the logos, labels attached to them, either through the impulse of advertisements. Rational decision-making can be done based on free activity, free from manipulative substance, of human beings thinking rationally. SZTAKIWeb intends to avoid manipulation, concentrating on broadcasting real values only.

The colleagues at the Institute have traditionally greater (intellectual) freedom in their activity than most of the everyday people. Still, they too are real people, existing in a manner similar to others, observing the same things all over the streets and squares. We make use of the digital imprints of this common view in SZTAKIWeb as icons. The pictures appearing on the Web server of the Institute were taken in Hungary, in towns, villages, nature - in the frame of Imre Weber's artistic project. They are the surprisingly stable wings of the wholeness of the objective reality changing continually in the details, frozen into bits.

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