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Historical retrospection

Our library's present stock derive from the unification of the book-stocks of the Institute's two predecessors (Automation Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Computer Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences) which took place in 1973. This is worth mentioning since, while one of Institutes purchased mainly technical books, because of their profile, the other one had rather mathematical books consequently, the two book-stocks complemented each other in a fortunate manner. This is how, for example, Servomechanisms and Regulating System Design by H. Chestnut and R. W. Mayer could appear as a collection together with Principia Mathematica by A. N. Whitehead and B. Russell.
The collection

The field of interest:

  • pure and applied mathematics
  • artificial intelligence
  • decision systems
  • control theory
  • dual and neural systems
  • informatics
  • electronics
  • robotics and pattern recognition
  • control of manufacturing systems
  • control theory
  • geometric modelling
  • process control, etc.
Besides the above works of history of science and philosophy too, can be found in our library (e.g. The Lost Notebook by Srinivasa Ramanujan). The earliest catalogized item the is the critical recension in Latin of Tentamen by Farkas Bolyai and Appendix by John Bolyai (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1904).

After the stock reduction that took place some years ago, now more than 16000 volumes and 200 kinds of journals are available for the readers. A major part of the literature is written in English, a smaller part in Hungarian, Russian and German.

Catalogue The first computer system, developed at our Institute, was installed in 1988. This was replaced in 1993 by TINLIB Integrated Library System, developed by Information Management and Engineering Ltd in London. The system can be used for reference as well. As a result of this, besides the file-card catalogue which has existed since 1961 an electronic catalogue is kept in parallel, which can be accessed from PC-s in the study area, and, since 1994 through the INTERNET. Since 1998 it can be reached by Web browsers also. At present the electronic catalogue contains more than 10.000 items. Online search is possible based on title, author, key-word, year of publication, etc. and also on combinations of these. We plan to alter the old classification according to ETO with check-ups based on subject headings.
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