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Motto (in Hungarian)

Our library is a research library of nation-wide interest. More than 16000 volumes and 200 kinds of journals are available for readers. A major part of the literature is written in English, a smaller part in Hungarian, Russian and German. The fields of interest are: 

  • pure and applied mathematics
  • artificial intelligence
  • decision systems
  • control theory
  • dual and neural systems
  • informatics
  • electronics
  • robotics and pattern recognition
  • control of manufacturing systems
  • control theory
  • geometric modelling
  • process control, etc.
Besides the above, works of history of science and philosophy too, can be found in our library.

Books of our researchers, 1995-2002

About the library
Location: Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Budapest, XI. Kende street 13-17.
2nd floor, room 205.
Postal address: MTA SZTAKI Könyvtár
Pf 63, Budapest H-1518
Phone: (36) (1) 279-6162, 279-6242 (direct)
(36) (1) 279-6000 (switch board) extension 6162, 6242, 7232
Fax number: (36) (1) 466 7503
Lending: Journals are not for lending but, upon request and on payment, we can make photocopies of the necessary articles.
Xeroxing opportunities: 
    Black and white or red and white, up to size A4.
    Price 12 Ft/page + 25% VAT. (A/3)
Xerox machines in the library can be used by the readers.
Outsiders may read in the study and are allowed to lend books through inter-lending.
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 8 00 h - 16 30 h
Friday 7 30 h - 14 50 h
The staff: Gizella PETHES
(head of the library)
Eszter NAGY
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