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Information Security Technology and Data Insurance

The primary aim of the project is to lay the foundation of an information technology risk management and data insurance system. As the value assessment in data insurance greatly differs from the evaluation of other properties, an objective information technology value determination methodology is a vitally important research area.

The Information Security Technology (ISyS) to be created by this project shall provide the basis for a homogenous, simple and organized IT infrastructure, upon which we can start planning the introduction of procedures that can guarantee a higher level of information technology infrastructure security in the future.

Based on its vast experience in data recovery, KÜRT (  has gathered a large amount of information about information technology catastrophes and the reasons of data loss. This reservoir of knowledge has not been  analyzed scientifically yet.

In cooperation with MTA SZTAKI and the Department of Mathematics and Computing at the University of Veszprém, we intend to determine the factors constituting an information technology threat for companies or organisations. The project co-ordinator is Sándor Kürti.
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