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Demand-driven information tools and systems of information society

One of the first decisive steps on the way towards information society is the Act on digital signatures, which, however, only creates the legal framework for the introduction of electronic public administration. A theoretical - and subsequent - experimental model of electronic public administration is offered by the project in which all the important functions of a town/region are embraced. The new public administration model is based on the use of advanced mathematical and computer science tools (database theory, reengineering, decision support, artificial intelligence) along with a concept devoted to the continuation of the process marked by the legislation of electronic signature and leading to further developments in public administration (electronic administration, electronic public documents).

Special attention is paid to human aspects, demand-oriented services, the interrelationship of information society and demands, the possibilities of services related to the quality of living and the equality of chances, regional issues (e.g. remote teaching, atypical employment, EU-requirements), with legal aspects also playing an essential part. This is an interdisciplinary project, in which public administration experts, sociologists, legal consultants, and experts in mathematical modelling, decision support, artificial intelligence, reengineering, and information technology take part.

As one of its main features, the completion of the project will be marked by the implementation of an operating model system in town Kaposvár, with the active co-operation of the municipal government. MATÁV, as member of the project consortium, will be taking part in developing new technologies, and content provision.

Members of the consortium: Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (BKAE), MTA SZTAKI, Municipality of Kaposvár, MATÁV. The project co-ordinator is Prof. Attila Chikán (BKAE).
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