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Digital enterprises, production networks

Production systems operate in changing, uncertain environments. Increasing complexity is the other characteristics, which is manifested in production processes, systems and enterprise structures.

The concept of the digital enterprise, i.e., the mapping of all the important elements of the enterprise processes by means of IT provides a unique way for managing these problems. The project partners form a well-balanced industry-academia consortium where a large manufacturing and a small-medium information technology enterprise, as well as the research community of two universities and the Academy are all represented. They want to make progress in the following - partly overlapping - directions:

  • management and scheduling of large-scale projects,
  • tele-presence and interactive multimedia,
  • monitoring of complex production structures.

The main goal of the project is to make available and manageable all the important production-related information in a controlled, user-dependent way by the efficient application of information and communication technologies. The development and application of intelligent decision support systems will help enterprises to cope with the problems of uncertainty and complexity, to increase their efficiency, join in production networks and to improve the scope and quality of their customer relationship management.

Members of the consortium: MTA SZTAKI, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, (BME), University of Miskolc, (ME), GE Hungary, MT System Ltd. The project co-ordinator is Prof. László Monostori, Deputy Director, Research  (MTA SZTAKI).
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