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Knowledge-intensive information technology for the safe and optimal operation of complex industrial systems

The three-year R&D project will result in a novel information technology applicable in large and complex industrial systems for process parameter monitoring, early detection and diagnosis of equipment and technology faults, as well as for the fast detection of malfunction roots. Operation support related to the optimal operation of process devices is offered. The system provides user-friendly and efficient interactive tools for storing technology-related knowledge, on-line modelling of process phenomena, visualisation of diagnostics information and for the on-line displaying of advisory documentation.

In its final form the knowledge-intensive information technology will constitute a general-purpose, open architecture software shell. Through the application of the system, significant improvement is expected in the safety of industrial systems.

Members of the consortium: MTA SZTAKI, Atomic Energy Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA KFKI), Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology, and the Department of Measurement and Information Systems of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, (BME), Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., and MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc. The project co-ordinator is Dr. Péter Inzelt, director (MTA SZTAKI).
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