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AI Research Group

Name in English: AI Research Group
Name in Hungarian: Mesterséges Intelligencia Kutató Csoport
Head: Tibor Vámos
Members: Ágnes Koczkáné Nagy
Address : MTA SZTAKI, AKE,
H-1111 Budapest
Lágymányosi u. 11.
Phone: (+361) 209-5274
Fax: (+361) 209-5275

Research Projects

Main subjects: knowledge representation, various methods of representation and processing, such as fuzzy signatures and data mining.

Special application fields: medical, economic

Main results: The broadening of data mining possibilities opened a new perspective for the nearly two-decade developmental neurological project. For all kinds of fuzzy estimates based especially on human judgement the algorithm provides a powerful tool. The multimedia CD (AI and Scotland Yard) of our AI course is now available. A new multimedia book on system science is under development, the linear and nonlinear sections and the process control chapter are available for cooperating users. Philosophical considerations on man-machine relations, epistemic problems are published.



Hetényi Péterné

Research Report Yearly research report of the Division.
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