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HÁBER, R. - KEVICZKY, L.: Nonlinear system identification - input-output modeling approach.

This two-volume handbook presents a comprehensive overview of nonlinear dynamic system identification. The books include many aspects of nonlinear processes: modelling, parameter estimation, structure search, nonlinearity and model validity tests. The book includes not only nonparametric models but also parametric models which include a limited number of parameters. Time domain parameter estimation is dealt with in detail; frequency domain and power spectrum procedures are also included. Audience: This work is intended for postgraduate students, researchers and engineers whose work involves nonlinear systems. Many examples, case studies and experimental identifications of real processes have been included.



Volume 1: Nonlinear System Parameter Estimation.

Preface. Glossary. 1. Nonlinear Dynamic Process Models. 2. Test Signals for Identification. 3. Parameter Estimation Methods.

Volume 2: Nonlinear System Structure Identification.

4. Nonlinearity Test Methods. 5. Structure Identification. 6. Model Validity Tests. 7. Case Studies on Identification of Real Processes. Author Index. Subject Index.
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