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KACSUK, P. - KOTSIS, G. (eds): Distributed and parallel systems. From instruction parallelism to cluster computing.

Distributed and Parallel Systems: From Instruction Parallelism to Cluster Computing is the proceedings of the third Austrian-Hungarian Workshop on Distributed and Parallel Systems organized jointly by the Austrian Computer Society and the MTA SZTAKI Computer and Automation Research Institute. This book contains 18 full papers and 12 short papers from 14 countries around the world, including Japan, Korea and Brazil. The paper sessions cover a broad range of research topics in the area of parallel and distributed systems, including software development environments, performance evaluation, architectures, languages, algorithms, web and cluster computing.

This volume will be useful to researchers and scholars interested in all areas related to parallel and distributed computing systems.

Contents and contributors:

Preface; P. Kacsuk, G. Kotsis. 
Program Committee and List of Referees. 

Part I:

Software Development Environments and Performance Evaluation. The DIWIDE Distributed Debugger on Windows NT and UNIX Platforms; J. Kovács, P. Kacsuk. 

COBRA - the Library for building Reliable Applications in Distributed Environment; J. Brzezinski, et al. 

Design and Implementation of a Distributed Monitor for Semi-on-line Monitoring of VisualMP Applications; N. Podhorszki, P. Kacsuk. 

Quality of Distributed Applications; H. Krawczyk, B. Wiszniewski. 

Performance Technology for Complex Parallel and Distributed Systems; A.D. Malony, S. Shende. 

Evaluating Performance of OpenMP and MPI on the SGI Origin 2000 with Benchmarks of Realistic Problem Sizes; C.K. Zoltani, et al. 

Performance Tuning of Parallel Real-Time Voice Communication Software; H. Hellwagner, et al. 

CLUE: A Tool for Cluster Evaluation; H. Hlavacs, et al. 

Part II:

Algorithms and Languages. Efficient Run Time Optimization with Static Single Assignment; J.W. Kim, T.E. Boult. 

On Classification Heuristics of Probabilistic System-Level Fault Diagnostic Algorithms; T. Bartha, E. Selényi. 

A New Heuristic for the Process-Processor Mapping Problem; Z. Juhász, S. Turner. 

FIFO Buffers in Tie Sauce; F. Pommereau. Parameterized M-expression Semantics of Parallel Procedures; H. Klaudel. 

Part III: 

Architectures. A Novel Execution Model for Logflow on a Hybrid Multithreaded Architecture; Zs. Németh. 

The NOP Parallel Programming Model; L. Schrettner. 

Thread Management Mechanisms of CEFOS; M. Shimosaki, et al. 

The Parallel Video Server SESAME-KB; K. Breidler. 

The Poor Man's Super Computer; F. Csikor. 

An Improvement Technique for Hybrid Protocol for Software Distributed Shared Memory; S.-W. Lee, K.-Y. Yoo. 

Cache-Only Write-Detection for Nautilus DSM; M. Marino, G. Campos. 

Hive: Implementing a Virtual Distrbuted Shared Memory in Java; F. Baiardi, et al. 

Part IV:

Web and Cluster Computing. Analyzing Algebraic Curves by Cluster Computing; W. Schreiner, et al. 

A Novel Programming Stategy Considering Portable Wireless Nodes in a Heterogeneous Cluster; E.M. Mací-López, et al. 

Quality-aware Proxy Caching for Web Videos; S. Podlipnig, L. Böszörményi. 

Cluster Command & Control (C3) Tool Suite; R. Flanery, et al. 

Searching the Web as an Elemental Semi-structured Information System of Today; D. Fülep. 

Prototyping Cluster-Based Distributed Application; V. Dvorák, R. Cejka. 

Resource Management in a Jini-Based Metacomputing Framework; Z. Juhász, L. Késmárki. 

Author Index.
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