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HANGOS, K. M. - LAKNER, R. - GERZSON, M.: Intelligent control systems. An introduction with examples.


Intelligent control is a rapidly developing, complex and challenging field with great practical importance and potential. Because of the rapidly developing and interdisciplinary nature of the subject, there are only a few edited volumes consisting of research papers on intelligent control systems but little is known and published about the fundamentals and the general know-how in designing, implementing and operating intelligent control systems.

Intelligent control system emerged from artificial intelligence and computer controlled systems as an interdisciplinary field. Therefore the book summarizes the fundamentals of knowledge representation, reasoning, expert systems and real-time control systems and then discusses the design, implementation verification and operation of real-time expert systems using G2 as an example. Special tools and techniques applied in intelligent control are also described including qualitative modelling, Petri nets and fuzzy controllers. The material is illlustrated with simple examples taken from the field of intelligent process control.

Audience: The book is suitable for advanced undergraduate students and graduate engineering students. In addition, practicing engineers will find it appropriate for self-study.


1. Getting Started.
2. Knowledge Representation.
3. Reasoning and Search in Rule-Based Systems.
4. Verification and Validation of Rule-Bases.
5. Tools for Representation and Reasoning.
6. Real-Time Expert Systems.
7. Qualitative Reasoning.
8. Petri Nets.
9. Fuzzy Control Systems.
10. G2: An Example of a Real-Time Expert System.
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