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LOVÁSZ, L. - GYÁRFÁS, A. - G. KATONA [et al.]: Graph theory and combinatorial biology



Conference proceedings have been often labelleed as a form of publication interior to Journals: the papers are often written with a hot needle to meet dedlines; even if the proceedings are referred, it is difficult to guarantee high  standards due to a luck of  traditions; and since conference volume articles are often valued less in promotion and tenure procedures , publications  in conference proceedings are often duplicated in journals.

Therefore it has become more and more fashionablel to produce a volume of survey article , invited in advance and based on the presentations of the invited spakers. This leads to a very valuable activity, and perhaps the only shortcoming of this method is that the activity at the conference, the emerging judgement about what are the hottest topics and most important results, is not reflected in the proceedings.

In this volume we tried a third approach. Based on the talks and discussions of the conference "International Colloquium on Combinatorics and graph Theory" held at Balatonlelle, July 1996, we identified some topics that received much attention and were obviously interesting for many participiants. We then asked participians who worked in this topics to contribute surveys (in teams or separately) of these areas.

Discrete Mathematics has become a very broad and rich subject; it would be vain to pretend that a single volume covers a representative selection of important areas. That we do believe that the articles in this volume (which we preview) provide valuable information about some of the most important areas in the field.



R. FAUDREE, Forbidden Subgraphs, Closure and Hamiltonian Properties - Recent Results
H. VAN DER HOLST, L. LOVÁSZ AND A. SCHRIJVER, The Colin de Verdiére Graph Parameter
A. V. KOSTOCHKA AND M.STIEBITZ, Excess in Colour-Critical Graphs
J. KRATOCHVÍL, J. NESETRIL AND M. ROSENFELD, Graph Designs, Hadamard Matrices and Geometric Configurations
M. MOLLOY AND B. REED, Graph Colouring via the Probabilistic Method


S. L. BEZRUKOV, Edge Isoperimetric Problems on Graphs
K. ENGEL AND U. LECK, Optimal Antichains and Ideals in Macaulay Posets
J. R. GRIGGS, Database Security and the Distribution of Subset Sums in Rm


K. MUROTA, Discrete Convex Analysis - Exposition on Conjugacy and Duality
J. OXLEY, Unavoidable Minors in Graphs and Matroids


A. VON HAESELER, Model Based Phylogenetic Inference
P. G. MEZEY, Combinatorial Aspects of Biomolecular Shape Analysis
F. S. ROBERTS, Competition Graphs and Phylogeny Graphs
T. WARNOW, Some Combinatorial Optimization Problems in Phylogenetics
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