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GULYÁS, L. - TATAI, G.:(eds.): Agents everywhere.

HUNABC '98. Proceedings of the first Hungarian national conference on agent based computing.


This volume collects the papers of the 15st Hungarian Conference on Agent-Based Computing (HUNABC '98), held between 29th and 31st of May 1998 at the Central European University, Budapest. This event was the first of a planned series intending to bring the attention of Central European scientists and professionals to this flourishing new field of computer technology.

The event received an exceptional interest not only from the region, but from all over the world, which is clearly shown by the number of the works received. The submissions were reviewed and selected according to their relevance, and their contribution to the conference's overall goal of giving as broad an overview of the field as possible. In addition to the presentations of the conference, this volume includes the written form of the invited lectures and some works whose author's personal difficulties had made their presence impossible.

In accordance with the conference's broad scope, the papers in this volume cover a wide range of agent-related scientific topics and miss the rather sharp focus, which is usual in case of such material. In spite of this, editing this book we have tried to group these works according to their main theme, which in fact resulted in sections corresponding to the focus of agent-related research. In the case of some papers this placing may seem a bit controversial, as some works really cross-cut the boundaries of the major research directions which is common in the agent research world.
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