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CHETVERIKOV, D. - SZIRÁNYI, T. (eds.): Fundamental structural properties in image and pattern analysis 1999

International workshop. Budapest, 1999.


The International Workshop on Fundamental Structural Properties in Image and Pattern Analysis, FSPIPA'99, was held in Budapest, Hungary, on September 6-7, 1999, in conjunction with the 8th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (Ljubljana, Slovenia). FSPIPA'99 was organised by the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI).

This workshop was a forum for discussing the interrelations between image structures and the real world that digital images describe. Fundamental structural properties (FSPs) of the physical world, such as symmetry, scale-space and self-similarity, underlie the basic principles of natural sciences, including the key laws of physics and biology. They are intrinsic to the natural and artificial processes that form shapes and patterns. The appearance of objects and events, the way we perceive and describe them, are strongly influenced by the underlying FSPs whose perceptual value has been demonstrated in numerous studies. Fundamental structural properties therefore provide a solid basis for generalization and unification of mathematically diverse methods of computer vision. The aim of FSPIPA'99 was to explore these prospects.

After careful selection, 14 regular papers were accepted for presentation at the workshop. These regular contributions, as well as two invited papers are published in these proceedings. The studies are devoted to various theoretical and practical aspects of symmetry, anisotropy, regularity, self-similarity, scale space, closure and other fundamental structural features of the visual world.

We are grateful to the invited speakers - Hagit Hel-Or, Tony Lindeberg, and Dietrmar Saupe - and to all other participants for making this short workshop a valuable scientific event. Our special thanks go to all authors, coming from 13 countries, and to the members of the Program Committee for the timely submission of the contributions and the reviews.

FSPIPA'99 was sponsored by the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR), the Nationad Committee for Technological Devedopment (OMFB), the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the Hungarian Association for Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition. Their support is acknowledged with gratitude.

We hope that FSPIPA'99 has contributed to better understanding of the mechanisms of vision in man and machine.

Dmitry Chetverikov and Tamás Szirányi
Workshop Co-organisers

Budapest, July 1999
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