Main running projects

  1. Environment-friendly utilisation of alternative, regenerating and waste energy for electrical energy production.

  2. MIG-MAG welding equipment with MAGister control system.
    AC/DC-TIG and MIG-MAG-200 types will be in series production from the end of 2004.
    Partner and manufacturer: FORTRANS Ltd. Budapest.
    Managing Director:
    Péter FORGÁCH, Tel/fax: 36-1-285-3502 / 36-1-285-3503.

  3. The problem sphere of Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC) energy distribution on the public line.
    The electronic equipment is generally applied in the industry and household. The electronic energy converters pollute the line to a significant extent. In the interest of reducing the network pollution, more and more international standards were initiated. To comply with the above standards the manufacturers are obliged to build in "network-friendly" input circuit in the most electronic equipment. The Department suggests a new radical reform of the electric energy distribution to decrease the network pollution. This reform means LVDC energy distribution on the public line. It can be proved that this procedure results in a significant cost reduction and energy saving.
    The R&D activity begins in the second half of 2004.