Journal Articles

A. Ekárt; S. Z. Németh: Selection Based on the Pareto Nondomination Criterion for Controlling Code Growth in Genetic Programming. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, volume 2, issue 1, pp. 61-73, 2001.

A. Ekárt; S. Z. Németh: A Noncontinuous Generalization of the Arithmetic-Geometric Mean. Applied Mathematics and Computation , volume 124, issue 2, pp. 261-279, 2001.

G. Renner; A. Ekárt: Genetic Algorithms in Computer Aided Design. Computer Aided Design, volume 35, issue 8, pp. 709-726, 2003 (most downloaded article of year 2003 in the Top 25 downloaded articles for the journal).

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A. Ekárt; S. Z. Németh: Stability Analyis of Tree Structured Decision Functions. European Journal of Operational Research, volume 160, pp. 676-695, 2005.

 Conference Proceedings

A. Ekárt: A New Trend in Machine Learning : Genetic Programming. CompNews'97, Information Technology Conference, Kolozsvár, October 1997, pp. 22-26.

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A. Ekárt: A General Framework for Obtaining Useful Design Features of Mechanisms. B. Katalinic (Editor). Annals of DAAAM for 1999, Proceedings of the 10th International DAAAM Symposium, Vienna, 21-23 October 1999, pp. 149-150, ISBN 3-901509-10-0.

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E. Lomonosov; D. Chetverikov and A. Ekárt: Fully automatic, robust and precise alignment of measured 3D surfaces for arbitrary orientations. 28th Annual Workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition, Hagenberg, 17-18 June 2004.


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A. Ekárt: Genetic Programming: New Performance Improving Methods and Applications. PhD dissertation, April 2001.

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