Internet Technologies Department




The main tasks of the department are:

The department has carried out several successful projects in the past and has always been in the center of excellence of networking within Hungary. The department focuses on infrastructure for research since the mid seventies.




The department has a very long history. Research and development in the field of networking started at the mid seventies. A modest sized web document could not reasonably summarize the different fields of experiences and results. We focus only the recent results and assume that the reader would contact us with his/her questions.

o       Provisioning and Managing  of IP network infrastructures:

1.      The operation of the HBONE - the Hungarian research network backbone

2.      The network management of the Hungarian Inter-Ministerial network belongs

3.       virtual private network establishment and management for a Hungarian Ministry

Technologies we use include: MPLS, multicast, VPN, ATM, SNMP, web based management, etc.

Services we provide characterized by the Quality of Service provided.

o       The department manages application services for several organizations that includes an american application service provider, the National Information Infrastructure, and the Computer and Automation Institute in Hungary.

Several distributed network applications are managed by the department for the research and commercial communities /USENET news, web caching, DNS, mail, pop3, smtp, PGP key service, several WEB servers, list distribution, etc./

o       The software distribution and support covers  introduction of solutions from  Microsoft, Solaris and Compaq, Process Software are represented by SZTAKI in Hungary.  The excellent mail and directory (PMDF and IDS) products from Process Software Corporation are represented and supported in Hungary by the department. Software distribution and support means for our partners introduction of new technologies by a trusted partner.

o       Consultancy has always been a central task of the department. Commercial customers were always looking forward working together with independent partners, whose judgment is not influenced by commercial interests. Several institutions gained support from our department: MATV, PAV, MKB, OTP, EuroWeb, BM, PanTel, OMFB, MEH, etc. We participated in preparation of long term projects of the Hungarian government like NIS, etc.

o       The staff of the department has gained experience in several leading edge international networking projects: EARN, PHARE, Europanet, TEN-34, TEN-155, Quantum. We were recently involved in the central European deployment of GEANT gigabit pan-European research infrastructure.

o       The department successfully carried out networking system design and implementation for several networking projects. The design of networking solutions has always been a strength of the department. The ability of solving design tasks is one of the outcome of the long experience in working in the networking field.

o       Networking system tendering is the result of commercial neutrality and long experience. The department made several call for tenders for different organizations like: MEH, PAV, NIIF, etc.
The most recent technological achievements are:

o       The establishment of the high speed (STM-1, E3) nation wide IP network of the Hungarian research community (2000-2001).  

o       Application services operation for an american company whose customer base is world-wide (2001)

o       The establishment and management an MPLS based IP VPN for a Hungarian Ministry (2001)

Fields of activity


  • IP network procurement, management, design, operation
  • Internet based service introduction, management and operation
  • high speed networking projects
  • networking system performance analyses, QoS based networking
  • network management, WEB based management
  • system design, system planning
  • network policy development
  • electronic messaging, directories
  • consulting