Internet Applications Department

Fields of activity, projects

  • Web based on line information services
  • CD/ROM applications
  • Book trade on the Internet
  • On line gambling
  • Distant education
  • Library automation

Web based on line information services

 Co-operating with the international company called Dataware Inc., ( we have developed a special on-line information service technology. The technology is based on a professional textual database management system, called BRS/SEARCH and its extension for the World Wide Web, called NetAnswer. The technology is especially suitable to handle large databases containing primarily textual information.

The Netanswer based technology is used by the National Information Infrastructure, which is actually the computer network for the Hungarian Academic community, serving several hundreds of institutions and hundreds of thousands end users all over Hungary.

Visit our where you can access and search (partially in English) in a variety of different databases, like National Periodical Database, Hungarica Indormation Database and many others.

The same technology was applied for the WEB-site, called Hungarian Information House a joint venture with one of the greatest Hungarian ISP, called EuroWeb Rt. Visit:

  • Cégjegyzék Online (English terminology: The Hungarian Firms Registry) database contains the most important data of the approximately 600,000 registered firms in Hungary. A unique service called Bankruptcy Watch Online was also developed.

  • The Idegenforgalmi Kalauz (in English: The Hungarian Tourists’ Guide, URL: ) is a rich source of information about accommodating facilities in Hungary, like hotels, guest houses, camping sites, catering facilities, like restaurants, Hungarian travel agencies and other tourism related services like banks, filling stations, theatres etc.

CD/ROM applications

We have developed the CD version (using BRS/SEARCH database technology) of the Hungarian Laws database and the Hungarian Firms Registry. The content of both CD’s are regularly updated and distributed among the subscribers.

Book trade on the Internet

 The Könyvkereső (in English: Bookfinder) is an extremely useful tool for those, who are chasing for a particular book, as the database contains information about more than 65.000 books in Hungarian language, which can be found in Hungarian bookstores and more than 5000 Hungarian publishing companies, wholesale dealer and bookstores.

Könyvkereső is not only an information source about books, but using the shopping cart concept, the user can even order those books found and selected. Visit Könyvkereső at!

On line gambling

Charged by the Hungarian State owned company, Szerencsejáték Rt. (in English: National Gambling Company) we have designed and developed the official Web site of the company: You can electronically pay and bet on the most popular games organised by the company, like toto, lotto, tippmix etc.

Distant education

A nice and useful Web-site is to be found at This application was developed in charge of the Ministry of Education. The site is devoted first of all to high school students and is a large collection of so called rearrangement problems and solutions in elementary geometry.

Library automation

Our department is one of the leading supplier in library automation solutions in Hungary. Co-operating with an US based company called EOS International ( we have developed to solutions: TINLIB for small libraries, QTÉKA for bigger libraries.

To find out more about these solutions visit the following sites:

So far we have automated more than 60 Hungarian libraries by the Hungarian version of TINLIB.

A selected list:

  • Teleki Foundation, Budapest  
  • University for Agriculture, Gödöllõ  
  • City Library, Miskolc  
  • Veterinary University, Budapest  
  • Central European University, Budapest  
  • Ministry of Finance, Budapest  
  • University for Horticulture, Budapest  
  • National Institute for Geology, Budapest  
  • British Council, Budapest  
  • Haynal Imre University for Health Sciences, Budapest  
  • Budapest Bank, Budapest  
  • Agricultural Museum, Budapest  
  • Science Museum, Budapest  
  • Research Institute for Vine and Grape, Pécs  
  • University for Horticulture, Kecskemét  
  • Research Institute for Vine and Grape, Kecskemét  
  • University for Horticulture, Szeged  
  • Reformation Church Library, Pápa  
  • Research Institute for Chemistry, Budapest  
  • City Library, Pápa  
  • City Library, Hódmezõvásárhely  
  • College for Public Administration, Budapest  
  • National Saving Bank, Budapest  
  • Catholic University, Pázmány Péter, Piliscsaba  
  • International Business School, Budapest
Last update: 18.06.2001