Three virtual installations by Imre Weber

Objects with the general and universal meanings are considered, entering simultaneously human architectural space and cosmic-physical space as well.
Imre Weber


Sculptor Imre Weber introduces him self with three installations in the Gallery of MTA SZTAKI World Wide Web.

The network homepages of the "passing statues" keep the concept of the no longer existing objects as digital vax impressions, separating the abstract essence from the chance of existence falling apart.

Imre Weber brings about new quality with his "network mobiles" originating from the interlacing of science, art, technics and magic. The magic feature of Imre's photomontages becomes multiplied by applying the Java-based technology, but the man of today is no longer a magician. "Old masters used to be real scientists and artists of their lines, medieval scientists were still masters and artists of their genre, and artists were masters and scientists of the same." Artists in the late 20th century search for new ways, new partners and meet the advocates of science and technics. "Golden-age" when science and art were meant by the same word, might return with them.

The 3rd installation places the two-dimensional equivalents of the passing statues of the originally real space into virtual space. The statues seem to return to the space meeting again their selves, original substance, the true reality of three-dimensional sculpture.

Imre Weber's compositions derive from mortality. "The artist depicts their death, their sometimes fast, sometimes slow perish". All this is, however, the result of an existing and developing community, the Department of Distributed Systems, at the Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, with its new member, Imre Weber, sculptor.

László Kovács

The works in the virtual gallery can be found by the help of Netscape 2.0, java and VRML-compatible browsers.

Virtual Gallery


Imre Weber
co-artist: László Tersztenyák
(Netscape 2.0 + Java)
Network mobile
Imre Weber
co-artist: Pham Quang Huy
(Netscape 2.0 + Java)
Weber Imre
co-artist: Zsazsa

MTA SZTAKI, World Wide Web Gallery at the Exposition Internet.Galaxis 96.