GIANNESSI, F. -PARDALOS, P.- RAPCSÁK, T.(eds): Optimization theroy : Recent     developments from Mátraháza.
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Heuristics for the Process Network Synthesis Problem; Z. Blazsik, et al.

Heuristics for Simplified Process Network Synthesis (PNS). Problems with a
Blossom-Type Algorithm for the Edge Covering Problem; Z. Blazsik, et al.

Lower and Upper Bounds on the Probability of the Union of Some Events with Applications; J.

The Linear Complementarity Problem and the Class of Generalized Positive Subdefinite Matrices; J.-P. Crouzeix, S. Komlosi.

Computer Experiences with Successive Regression Approximations for Solving Equations; I. Deak.

A Bundle of Smooth Lagrangians in Mathematical Programming; V.F. Demyanov.

A Nontopological Two-function Minimax Theorem with Monotone Transformations of the Functional Values; F. Forgo.

Non-smooth Optimization with Randomization; L. Gerencser, Zs. Vago.

The Sherman-Morrison Formula for the Determinant and its Application for Optimizing Quadratic Functions on Condition Sets Given by Extreme Generators; G. Keri.

Duality for D.C. Optimization Over Campact Sets; J.-E. Martinez-Legaz, M. Volle.

Characterization of Monotone Operators by Using a Special Class of Preinvex Functions;
S.Z. Nemeth.

Two Approaches for Parallelizing the UEGO Algorithm; P.M. Ortigosa, et al.

Convexification of Functions by Nonlinear Coordinate Transformations; T. Rapcsak.

Packing Equal Circles in a Square I. -- Problem Setting and Bounds for Optimal Solutions; P.G. Szabo, et al.

Packing Equal Circles in a Square II. -- New Results for up to 100 Circles Using the TAMSASS-PECS Algorithm; L.G. Casado, et al.

On Duality for Quasi-convex Supremization and Reverse Convex Infimization; I. Singer.

A Minimization Problem in Function Spaces; B. Uhrin.

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Contains refereed papers based on lectures presented at the XIV International Conference on Mathematical Programming, held at Matrahaza, Hungary. For researchers in operations research, economics, mathematics, physics, and engineers.