EDELMAYER, A. - BÁNYÁSZ, Cs.(eds.): Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes 2000.
Table of Contents

Plenary papers.
Fault-tolerant drive-by-wire systems - concepts and realizations (R. Isermann et al.).
Current developments in the theory of FDI (P.M. Frank et al.).
Diagnosis of quantised systems (J. Lunze).
What is fault-tolerant control? (M.Blanke et al.).
All linear methods are equal - and extendible to nonlinearities (J. Gertler).
Model based fault detection: the optimal past, the robust present and a few thoughts on the future (R. S. Mangoubi, A.M. Edelmayer).
Automotive systems diagnostics. Misfiring detection in 8 cylinders turbo engine (N. Montibelli et al.).
Model based diagnosis of sensor faults for ESP-systems (E.L. Ding et al.).
Diagnosis using interval and integral approached. Bounding approach to the diagnosis of uncertain static systems (S. Ploix et al.).
Robust fault detection: active versus passive approaches (V. Puig et al.).

Neural networks in fault detection and isolation systems.
Fault detection and isolation in robotic systems via artificial neural networks (M.H. Terra, R. Tinós). Application of dynamic neural networks in an industrial plant (K. Patan, J. Korbicz).

Observer-based fault detection in nonlinear systems. A geometric approach to nonlinear fault detection and isolation (C. De Persis, A. Isidori). On high gain observer based robust fault detection in nonlinear systems (G. Besançon).

Detection filters. Steady state observer for fault detection of hereditary systems with weak dynamics (P. Zítek, T. Vyhlídal). A geometric approach to fault detection and isolation for bilinear systems: application to heat exchangers (P. Kabore et al.).

Principles of diagnosis.
AI and automatic control approaches of model-based diagnosis: links and underlying hypotheses (M-O. Cordier et al.). Diagnosis based on symbolic dynamical models (J. Lunze, J. Schröder).

Advanced methods of FDI, supervisio and control of high reliability systems.
Soft computing approaches to fault diagnosis for dynamic systems: a survey (R.J. Patton et al.). From control to supervision (M. Staroswiecki, A.-L. Gehin).

Research of quantitive and qualitiative FDI methods based on data from Lublin sugar factory.
Diagnostics of evaporator in a sugar factory based on fuzzy models (M. Syfert, J. Nowak). Fault detection based on fuzzy neural networks - application to sugar factory evaporator (J. M. Kościelny, A. Ostasz).

Observer-based approached to FDI.
An alternative observer-based approach to robust fault detection (D.W. Gu, F.W. Poon).
Robust fault detection and isolation via unknown input observers (S. Barbulea et al.).
Neural networks.
Classification of faults in uncertain regions using counter-propagation neural network (L. Kovács, G. Terstyánszky).
Diagnosing priori unknown faults by radial basis function neural network (I. Dalmi et al.).
Methodology of fault diagnosis.
Development of a fuzzy-based diagnosis system for the supervision of the operation in anaerobic wastewater treatment plants (J. Rodríguez et al.).
Combining qualitative & quantitative reasoning - a hybrid approach to failure diagnosis of industrial systems (M. Sampath et al.).
Fault detection and diagnosis.
Fault diagnosis of a simulated model of an industrial gas turbine prototype using identification techniques (R.J. Patton et al.).
Fault detection and isolation applied in a manipulator robot via Luenberger observers (M.H. Terra, R.A. Mendes).
Robust FDI.
An approach to the robust fault detection problem for uncertain systems with time-varying parameters (N. Mechbal et al.).
Criterions for detectability and strong detectability of faults in linear systems (M. Nyberg).
Application of fuzzy logic to FDI.
Multi model based fault diagnosis of a sugar cane crushing process (S. Simani).
FTSM - fast takagi-sugeno fuzzy modeling (M. Männle).
Monitoring and process supervision.
Execution monitoring of industrial process controllers: an application of ontological control (M. Bjäreland, G. Fodor).
Towards an integrated supervision system for industrial wastewater treatment: application to the metal finishing industry (G. Tapia Trejo et al.).
Nonlinear observer-based FDI.
Observer-based strategies for fault diagnosis in a three-tank system (M. Hou, R.J. Patton). Design and stability analysis of a fault accommodation scheme for a class of nonlinear dynamical systems (M. M. Polycarpou).
Reconfigurable and scalable systems.
On-line multiple-model based adaptive control reconfiguration for a class of nonlinear control systems (Z. Yang et al.).
CoCa - object architecture for controller reconfiguration (J.M. Perronne, M. Hassenforder).

Human factors safety.
Human risk assessment method to control dynamic situations (F. Vanderhaegen, P. Polet). On-line damage detection, assessment and accommodation in civil infrastructure systems (M. A. Demetriou).
Fault tolerant systems design.
Sensor fault-tolerant control method applied to a winding machine (H. Noura et al.).
Fault tolerance with respect to actuator failures in LTI systems (G. Hoblos et al.).
Design for reliability and safety.
Failure detection and isolation - optimal design of instrumentation system (G. L. Gissinger et al.).
Combining sensor redundancy for fault detection in navigation of an autonomous mobile vehicle (P. Bikfalvi, I. Loránt)
Case studies and implementations.
Analysis of a failure detection and identification scheme for the eagle-eye unmanned air vehicle (C. Rago, R.K. Mehra).
Evaluating some gain scheduling strategies in diagnosis of a tank system (M. Klein, L. Nielsen).
FDI to nonlinear systems.
Genetic programming based observers for nonlinear systems (M. Witczak, J. Korbicz).
Fault detection through dynamics monitoring for unmanned underwater vehicles (A. Alessandri et al.).
Statistical approaches to FDI.
Model based fault diagnosis using structured hypothesis tests (M. Nyberg).
A coherency function approach for model-free fault detection and isolation (F. Previdi, T. Parisini).
Application of AI methods to FDI.
Analysis of structural properties of thermodynamic bond graph models (B. Ould Bouamama et al.).
Fault isolation in hybrid systems combining model based diagnosis and signal processing (S. Narasimhan et al.).
Application of FDI to induction motors.
Fault diagnosis of an induction drive using residual directional properties (C. Combastel et al.). Multiple-model fault-tolerant control of an induction motor in the presence of uncertainty (R.J. Patton, C.J. Lopez-Toribio).
Modelling methods to fault detection. Bounding approach to fault detection of uncertain dynamic systems (O. Adrot et al.).
Diagnosis of Transient Faults in Quantised Systems (F. Schiller et al.).
Design strategies, maintenance and repair. Performance study of condition-based maintenance planning for continuous-state devices (A. Grall, C. Bérenguer).
Performance of real-time systems in equilibrium (J. Kreimer).
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